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Sara Lovelady Feb 09, 2017

Protein shakes aren’t just for body builders anymore, and there’s good reason for that! They can make an excellent quick breakfast, a convenient pre-work out energy drink, a replenishing post-work out recovery drink, or a healthy late night snack. But Juice Plus+ Complete is more than your run-of-the-mill protein shake. How so? What’s in it that you won’t find in other shakes?


First, let’s talk about the protein. As with most things, quality is as important as quantity. Juice Plus+ features 13 grams of high-quality plant-based protein from minimally processed soy, chickpeas, peas, and rice. But it’s got so much more than just protein…


Most of our diets are sorely lacking in fiber — we’re supposed to eat 25 to 38 grams each day, yet Americans average just 15 grams per day. One serving of Juice Plus+ Complete adds a significant fiber boost to your daily diet, with 8 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber from soy, rice bran, pectin, and apples.

Whole-Food Based Nutrition

But perhaps what’s most unique about Juice Plus+ Complete is that it provides whole-food nutrition in every scoop, with nutrient-packed pumpkin and pomegranate powders, super-green spirulina, sprouts such as broccoli, alfalfa, and radish, and ancient grains like quinoa, millet, and amaranth.

Suitable for Dietary Restrictions

The shakes come in two delicious flavors — French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate — and they suit so many lifestyles. Vegan? So is Complete. Watching your blood sugar? Complete is low on the glycemic index. Avoiding gluten? Complete is gluten-free. Can’t handle dairy? Complete doesn’t contain dairy. You can mix the shakes with water, juice, milk, or non-dairy beverages for on-the-go nutrition you can feel good about!

For added nutrition, try blending fresh fruit or vegetables into the shakes to create your own smoothie recipes. Many people find tossing a handful of spinach or kale leaves helps them increase their consumption of green vegetables without even trying. Blending Complete with frozen bananas or blueberries makes a cool summer treat. Check out this chia seed pudding recipe from one of our Facebook friends Gina if you need some inspiration.

Have you invented any smoothie recipes using Juice Plus+ Complete? What’s your favorite? We’d love to hear!

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